We have:

Civics 101 has our Constitution that thousands of lives went into the making of, as well as the Bill of Rights and I even included the preamble that the gun grabbers hate to see in print.  The Article "2nd Amendment," is my personal take on that right, and why the 2nd was written to protect it.

Ranges is re-built, and contains information on our three ranges in the area.  I plan to include a Safety area as well as soon as I get enough time to pen it out.

Liberty is one of the least understood words in our language today.  Few even know what it means, and our dictionaries themselves do not define it correctly.

The new Police section is not about disliking police, but understanding them and what they do.  They are called a necessary evil by the founders, and they should always be seen as exactly that.

The new Forum is still under construction, but I'll get it going soon.  It's useable as it is, but in time, it will be a great place to meet nad discuss ideas related to Volusia County.

Homesteading is focused on homesteaders and preppers.  Within you'll find an ever expanding smorgasbord of ideas, projects, and how-to articles.  I have a little up there now, but as you make suggestions, I'll add more!

The last section I have up at the moment is the new Bible Stuffz section.   I'm including some books, PDF files, and a great section about misunderstood bible verses.  If you have a verse that you would like to see included, then shoot me an email and I'll look into it.

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