The gay/lesbian community is generally anti-gun, and that's sad.  But this was a legally supported execution.  The laws of the state of Florida were what allowed this sick pervert shooter to kill with no opposition.  Now, I do not normally use my website to rant or rave on an issue, but this one.... this one was just too much.  This one was preventable, could have been easily avoided, and the loss of life and the bodies of these good men and women are laid out at the feet of our legislature, and Miguel de la Portilla.  They wrote laws that allowed this to happen.

Open Carry came up a few months ago, and Miguel Portilla decided that there was no reason for open carry in Florida.  As an NRA member, he decided that our gun laws were good enough and our limits were sound.  He personally used a pocket veto (a quasi-legal use of his committee power to quash a bill her personally does not like)  and decided that no one in the state should be allowed to carry openly.  Sadly, THIS is the result of his arrogance!  Bodies!  I warned him, I told him this would happen and he ignored me, and hundreds of others who wrote and visited his office... even to the point of refusing to take calls, and hanging up on freedom supporters when told the purpose of the call.  The truth of the anti-gun extremist is this... they know what is right for you, and if you don't like it, too bad.

He killed a good bill, one that would save lives, and he got people killed.

If Open Carry was allowed in the state, then someone in the club would have been armed.  If there was no law banning concealed carry in a place that serves alcohol, then someone would have been able to shoot back, possibly granting a few more people exit from the building even if the defender died in his bravery.  But no one got that chance because of Florida Statute 790.06 which states that you cannot have a weapon in a place that is dedicated to the sale of alcohol.  This club qualified, and it became a no-self defense area.

When a shooter decides to kill a large number of people, he thinks it out, plans, and picks the best place to do his murder.  One of the factors that nearly every shooter takes into consideration is how well can the people fight back.  The Theater shooter chose an exit door which would be the least crowded area in the room - and he picked young adults who would be least likely to be armed.  But he also chose a theater that had a "No Weapons," sign on the entrance door.  Why?  No one can shoot back.  Why?  Because normal gun owners obey the law.  He counted on that.

Islam is not going away, and is only getting worse.

This shooter is no different.  he picked a place with people he hated, and picked a location where there was likely no one there to stop him.  A year or so ago, two thugs tried to rob an internet gambling place and nearly lost their lives... a man inside was armed and fought back.  But these people did not get that chance, because of arrogant self righteous pricks like Miguel de la Portilla - who I think, personally WANT these bodies to that they have more outrage to fuel their anti-gun agenda.  Honestly, the NRA should revoke the membership of this traitor to our freedom.

Gun owners have the power to make a difference, but ONLY if you carry your weapon.  If you don't carry, you're just a victim waiting to happen.

I'm issuing rules for the entire Gun Community.

1.  If a company does not want you to carry, don't.  Don't carry there, don't GO there. 

2.  Schools are anti-self defense zones.  Pull your kids out of school.  There is no one there to protect them.  You place your child's life in danger every day you drop them off at class.  Home school, private school, do something other than leave your children in a place that will get them killed.

3.  If you see a no-gun sign, sound off.  Sound off LOUDLY!  Speak to a manager and tell him what an irresponsible prick he/she is.  Do it politely and loudly.  Time for playing nice ended about a hundred bodies ago.

4.  When you get spare time, get on the comments sections of the online news.  LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!  Tell these self centered media types that you are SICK of having a target painted on your head by their irresponsible reporting.

5.  CALL CALL CALL when you hear of a pro-gun law being submitted.  The arrogant jerk Portilla had almost no opposition to his pocket veto - when he should have had his phone ringing off the hook.

6.  Get involved!  Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask how.


It's time to take our city back.

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