Morals are personal limits that are taught to people to protect them from harm and/or injury.  Morality is a set of standards that allows people to exist harmoniously within a society.  The Bible is a basic set of tools, providing lessons on both morals and morality, that if understood and followed, will give you a solid foundation to build your life on. 

The bible tells of the fall of man at the Tree of Good and Evil and how we pulled ourselves down.  It tells of the struggle to overcome the self imposed limitations and how we failed, time and again.  It tells of how God himself stepped in and helped us out of the disaster that we had wrought and the way we could enjoy the freedom of the garden, if not the garden itself.

It tells of future events that will come to pass, and hints at the causes that will be behind those events.  It tells of a man who was forced to die under the law, to free us from it.  It is one of the most hated books in the world, and also one of the most loved.

You will find answers here, and for that, I am sorry.  I am also elated for those that find asnwers here.

You see that there are only a few verses so far, but be patient with me. 


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