John Miner was a Christian that lived in late 1700's, and in 1791 he was excommunicated from his church.

The crime?  Belief in Plural Marriage from a biblical perspective.


After a kangaroo court that was so clearly stacked against him it was pathetic, he begged, pleaded, and even promised to never utter a word about plural marriage, or polygyny, again.  Sadly, his pleas went unheard, and his condemnation was never in doubt.


Excommunication in the 1700's was brutal.  He was probably shunned, and as a doctor, would have seen his practice dissapear.  ALthough records were not available, and I wasn't even able to determine what church he was part of, or even what country, excommunication was the tomplete cutting off of someone from the churhc, from fellowship, and from companionship.  He was an outcast. 

THis is his story.


Miner, John.

Dr. Miner's defense.

Hartford, 1781. 88 pages.

AAS Copy.

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