Ocala Range

This is my favorite range in the area.  It's an open range, with no safety officer so you have to be careful and pay attention.  But the range is in a beautiful area, and is a fun place to go shoot.


The people you willl meet are more in the line of serious shooters, and I've seen everything from antique guns to the most modern firearms there.  But it's better if you bring a friend.  Since this is an uncontrolled range, you are responsible for your own safety, and a friend to watch over your firerms and keep everyone away from the shooting line during Cease Fires is always good.


Me, personally, I enjoy going to the range in the mornings, then afterwards going to one of the local springs.  Juniper is only about a mile away toward Daytona, and Alexander is about 5 miles or so off of 19.  But Silver Glenn is really nice, and to get there, when you head back toward Daytona, turn left at 19, then you will see Silver Glenn on the right, and in a few more miles, you'll get to Salt Springs. 

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