What happens when the waffles stop making it to the store?  Do you know how to make waffles wihtout a mix?  Few people do, so if you thought, "No," then you're not alone.


But there is more truth than waffles out there.  For instance, can you hunt, can you make fuel for your car? Can you even dry your clothes if you don't have a dryer?

Do you know where nails come from?  The people who have already stocked up on nearly everything are not going to be hitting the grocery stores if things go south, but the hardware stores. 

Nails, screws, hand drills, chisels, bits, sledge hammers, pinging hammers, pliers, anvils, vices, hand saws, will fly off the shelves.  In fact, aside from ammunition, a hand saw will probably have almost the value of gold.  A good wood chisel will be trade goods that command large prices in barter.  Why?  Because without that line to the electric plant, what you need, you have to build.  

So have you looked into making nails and how to do it?  Do you explore the interior_pavilion_with_lights.jpgways of cutting wood or sharpening your tools?  Do you have barter goods to hire someone to do the things you need to do yourself?

I decided to explore what it would be like to build a pole barn.  A pole barn is a structure that is little more than a roof with poles holding it up.   Think the pavillions at your local park but on a smaller (or larger) scale. 

As I complete each process, I'll post an article detailing the way I'm doing things, and my experiences with it.

This project is being built with a minimum of nails and screws.  The joints are mortise and tenon, and the fasteners are wood pegs and the occaisonal nail for the angled supports.  Take a look at how it works!

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