slavery-tm.jpgI thought a lot about the title of this page, because liberty is something that you rarely achieve yourself, and most often something that's handed down to you by others, at the cost of their own blood.

So when I see the word liberty, and I understand that most people don't understand what it means, it makes me sad. Slaves do not understand the concept of liberty, because every aspect of their lives from the moment that they wake in the morning, until the time that they go to sleep, and even after, is regulated by someone else. A slave may work in a field, they may toil in the factores, they may harvest grain, they may have wives and children, they may even be free to go to town, walk amongst other people, have friends, pets, lovers, even own businesses. They are still slaves, and what defines a slave is his lack of freedom and liberty. Every aspect of his life is regulated, he is not free to come and go as he pleases, without asking first permission from someone else.


Each bit of freedom that he has, is not freedom that he was born with, but freedom that he was granted. A freedomthat is granted, is not a freedom – it's a privilege.  The slave understands privilege as freedom, and permission as liberty.

We believe that our privileges are freedoms, and the permissive will of our government is liberty.  What does that make us?

Our Constitution remains the same, but what started out as a document of enumerated rights, where each man's freedom and liFranklin_Liberty_Nor_Safety.jpgberty was his own, has evolved into something different and dangerous, though not unexpected. The founders knew that this would happen, and they gave us the tools to correct it.  But even they knew that there would come a time where those tools would no longer work and the correction would have to come at the cost of our own blood.  I am not advocating revolution, I don't believe that we're that far along yet.

I am however, advocating using the tools at hand to restrain the government and force it back into the cubbyhole the founders designed for it. Our government is founded on a document of enumerated rights, and if you understand what that means, then you are more knowledgable than almost all of the citizens of the United States alive today.  Our Constitution spells out very clean clear concise and explicit rules and regulations that the government must follow. However, the government has exceeded these rules for generations, and, sadly, this generation is faced with the truth that if we don't correct an out-of-control government, there will be nothing left to give to our children but chains of bondage.


We are already under attack from Islam, have been since the 1700s, when the U.S.S. Enterprise sailed the shores of Tripoli with good Marines and sailors braving hungar and storms, to defend our ships from the scimitar of Islam. But the cancer that was born when Mohammed was still raping eight-year-olds, has steadily grown into something that only God understood to be the danger it would eventually become. With our lack of individual freedoms, or lack of liberty, our government attempting to disarm us at every turn, the recent loss of our right to bear arms in the Heller and McDonald opinions, we are more in danger of Islam than ever before.

Make no mistake, there are battles coming. There are many battles coming. If we survived the battle to restore our government to what it was intended to be, will still be left to face Islam and offenders cells from people who consider us to be little more than animals, to be slaughtered it will, were used as slaves.muslim-slave-traders.jpg

We may be slaves now, but we live in a slavery to wear chains are invisible and quite often self forged, but Islam is not like that. Islam is different. When you disappoint family in our country, you may fight, you may yell, you may even stop talking to each other, but Islam you would have your head cut off, while everyone around simultaneously cries in sadness and celebrates the removal of a problem.  If you don't understand what I mean, look up honor killings. And while you're at it, look up female castration. Islam is coming, you should know what the face of Islam looks like, because you will either join, or you will fight.

This is the nature of liberty. This is the beauty of liberty. This is the price of liberty. This is the cost of liberty. Liberty, that grand and wonderful tree, grows out of the blood of those who feed it. And while that tree of liberty is in leaf, and providing cool wonderful and comfortable shade, to the generations to come after us, eventually, they will cease to remember the blood that made this tree Bloom, and once again, they will have to fight for their own liberty and for the liberty of their children. That is the pact of liberty.

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