The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.



    What amazes me is that our sitting president, and most notoriously the one before him, would refer to the United States as a democracy - in direct contradiction to the established fact that our nation is a Republic.  I know a lot of folks like to think of us as a democracy, but it's just not so.

    A democracy is a form of government where everyone voted on every individual item.  These forms of government have problem to not only not work, but every attempt to make it work has resulted in that society ripping itself apart at the seams.  Even our own congress, which is a miniature democracy of only five hundred and thirty five people, is at war and that war ripples through our entire society.  Democracies are all about getting, greed, and control.  The Founders allowed the democracy at this level because it allowed a voice to the people - but representatives are not required to vote the people's will (and should not if the will of the people is wrong, or unduly influenced) but are required to use their sound judgment to settle matters.  A democracy at this level and with this small number of men has proven time and time again to be a failure, but it does, sort-of, work - at least it works by making sure that laws that would take away our freedoms are mired in controversy and never become law.  And this was intentional!

    There are many forms of government talked about today, and for a while there no-one really knew what kind of government we had - we had fallen asleep.  I've heard a representative democracy, democratic republic, and a dozen other permutations on what we really are, but only a few guessed Representative Republic.

    A democratic republic is where individuals vote on every bill, and then give marching orders to the representative to carry them out in Washington.  The media would LOVE this type of government because it would, in effect, make them the most powerful entity in the USA.  The Media would control every law, every bill, and all by simply showing one in good light, and one in negative light.  No freedom would be safe, no right would be sacrosanct.  Representative Democracy is the same term, just said differently.

    A Representative Republic is where the individuals have no say in the law, but rather choose the wisest statesmen they can find, men like Jefferson and Washington, and elect them to represent the interests of their states.  But this form of government relies on a couple of premises.  First, that the men are Statesmen and not politicians.  And second, that they have the best interest of our nation at heart - and not just the best interest of the men who paid for their campaigns.  The two premises are not the responsibility of the politicians or statesmen, but ours.  Yes, yours and mine.  We have stopped electing good men to do a hard job, and are trying to find flawless politicians who are already consummate liars (they hide their faults) with movie-star qualities like great scriptwriters and excellent make-up artists.  When we get ready to truly repair our government, we will need to find a total of 535 good men and women, and elect them to office.  The rest will take care of itself, after we do that.  We will get our nation back, and get our disasters ironed out.  We need good Statesmen, and no more damned politicians.

    So Sirs, we are not a democracy, but are truly a Representative Republic.


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